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Name: Gina John
Course of studies: Bachelor in political science
Where are you from? A small village near Würzburg in Bavaria.
Favorite place in Mannheim: I love to walk through the Luisenpark, because it reminds me of the woods or landscapes at home.
Why do you like to write?: It has always been important for me to write about things that really happened or involve people. I just love it, when I can tell a good story, which maybe even means something to someone. In the future my goal is to become a journalist, who writes about topics that create change for people, who can´t voice their opinion on their own.
What do you like about bAStA?: It is new for me to work with people who love writing as much as I do. Everybody helps everybody to write the best article they can. You can always ask for help, which is really beneficial for all of us.


Name:Hanna Singer
Course of studies: BaKuWi MKW/ media and communication studies with a minor in business administration
Where are you from? I‘m from Saarbrücken (Saarland)
Favorite place in Mannheim: Corona hasn’t made it possible for me to discover too many cool places in Mannheim so far, but currently I really love sitting in the sun at the harbour in Jungbusch.
What do you like about journalism?: With the help of journalism you can give voice to issues that concern you but also others. It’s a way to connect with so many different people and learn from each other. Nowadays it is easier than ever to be a engaged in journalistic activities. There’s something for everyone: be it classic articles to blogs or videos, and I love that freedom.
Why do you like to write?: I was always more interested in languages and for a long time it was reading rather than writing that I was involved with. Writing actively myself was something that I only did from time to time. When I came across bAStA by chance, it provided the option to pursue that hobby more intensively. Immersing myself completely in the respective topic is what I like best.
What do you like about bAStA?: You can write about anything, without any kind of pressure. The team is super communnicative and always helpful, whether it’s proofreading or explaining how this and that works. Everyone can find their place at BASTA, you don’t necessarily have to write articles. You can also take photographs or focus on the online presence, such as social media or the website. Depending on your own interests. I really like the fact that it enables a wide variety of characters to come together and I am glad to be part of it


Name: Ioana Paul
Course of studies: Economics
Where are you from? Brasov, a medieval town in Transylvania, Romania.
Favorite place in Mannheim? The Waldpark and all its hidden, winding trails.
What do you like about journalism in general? I am fascinated by the power journalism has in shaping our views and realities by using just words as tools. I particularly love the investigative side of journalism, the unveiling of hidden truths by asking the right questions
Why do you like to write? I love words and the way in which they express feelings and tell stories. To me the beauty of writing lies precisely in the variety of shapes it can take, starting from a very scientific form, to ones that are more creative, achieved by twisting words and sentences or by the usage of alliterations, repetitions or other figures of speech. This ability to play with words with the goal of telling a good story brings with it such a satisfying feeling of freedom.
What do you like about bAStA? I really love the dynamic of our group, how different we all are and yet how open and supportive everyone is.


Name: Maya Moritz
Course of studies:M.Sc. Economics
Where are you from? New Jersey, USA
What is your favorite place in Mannheim? Yi Xiang Yuan, whose sesame noodles soothe my soul
What do you like about journalism?: I always loved to write and never really understood the point of nonfiction until I was a teenager and realized that true stories, like Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air or Adam Hochschild’s King Leopold’s Ghost, could be just as fantastic, horrifying, and unbelievable as fiction. The explosion of journalism in all forms- longform, podcast, books- has made all these untold, incredible stories public. I love that, with bAStA, I can be a part of that.
Why do you like to write?: In history classes in high school, I was always struck by the power that the medium in which a story or issue is delivered, rather than the existence of the issue itself, is often what can jolt people into action. Consider Silent Spring by Rachel Carson or The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. In modern times, look at the effect of podcasts like Serial or documentaries like Making a Murderer on the attempts to requite wrongs in the American justice system. Writers can frame stories to make people care and act in a way that word-of-mouth or just-the-facts reporting cannot.
What do you like about bAStA?: I’ve worked with a host of online publishers and student newspapers and bAStA has been the most open, creative organization in my experience. Mannheim and the student experience are connected to so many cross-cultural, international issues that looking for stories that would interest readers is not difficult at all. The team is supportive, resourceful, and helpful, which makes writing and publishing a joy.


Name: Helena Vollbrecht
Course of studies: media and communication studies and history
Where are you from?: Freiburg, Germany
Favorite place in Mannheim: Since I have just moved to Mannheim and never really got the chance to see that much under the usual circumstances I picked the Neckarwiesen as my present favorite place to chill and to take a walk.
What do you like about journalism?: Until now I never really took part in any journalistic activities, but I am really fascinated by working like a detective the way some journalists are. I love the idea of good journalistic work, informing people while checking facts and hence being able to make the world a little better.
Why do you like to write?: I have always loved writing since I learned how to do so. A long time I wrote a lot for myself but because of work, friends and other hobbies I neglected that hobby for quite a long time. bAStA motivated me to write more and discover my old hobby again.
What do you like about bAStA?: bAStA gives everybody the opportunity to write about anything they want. There is absolutely no pressure and one can really take one’s time to just trial and error through the journalistic world.