Redaktionstreffen I Editorial Meeting

The editorial meetings in the winter semester 2021-2022 are taking place on Thursdays 5 pm via Big Blue Button.

You can come spontaneously to our meetings, please contact us via: basta[at]  or write us a DM at basta_unima and we will send you the link!

Our meetings are held in English, but you can write your articles in German as well!

Our online Kick Off will take place on Thursday. September 30. We meet at 5.30 p.m. via Big Blue Button. Click here to get to the meeting!

We are really looking forward to getting to know you!! 😀

What you can do at the bAStA editorial team

We are a (still) small team of volunteer students, where you are a full member from day 1!
– brain-storming together in regular editorial meetings
– almost unlimited creative freedom within our sections university politics, culture and student body – you write about what interests you at our university!
– The proof of the pudding is in the eating: You want to try your hand at image editing, get a taste of photography, think that the written word really doesn’t stand a chance anymore and that a video report is THE new format, or know your way around website design and think that you can get even more out of our bAStA site? – then get in touch with us, because in the bAStA team you can contribute not only by writing, but you have a variety of opportunities to participate.
– Learning by Doing approach: No one can – everything immediately, right away or straight away – but you just have to start somewhere!

You are

– a student at the University of Mannheim
– Do you enjoy writing – or filming, image editing, photography, website design?
– Are you motivated
– and want to participate?

Then write us via basta[at]!